About Us
About Us
Our goal here at Award.com is to be your source for high quality awards and recognition products. We have a large selection of products that range from plaques, acrylics, trophies, name plates, clocks, and desk items which will all make perfect gifts for any occasion. We hand-selected each of our products and we were mindful to choose products that were not only high-quality and durable, but also had creative and unique designs that you will not find anywhere else.
In addition to our unique designs, another feature that sets us apart from others in our industry is our Design Studio. In the Design Studio, you will have the opportunity to be creative and custom design your own product by following a few easy steps. You will have the opportunity to not only customize your engraving, but also choose your plaque boards, plates, and logos from our large selection of designs. Another great feature that we offer is the ability to preview all of your designs right on our website! You will not have to wait until you receive the product to see how it will look. Our real-time previews will allow you to see your orders instantly.
We at Award.com are committed to providing you with quality products and service so that you can feel proud to award your recipients with our products.
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